Port of Portland

We have undertaken NHPA and Section 106 compliance work for the Port of Portland for planned runway expansion at Portland International Airport and development of a new runway effluent treatment system.  The project entailed historic map research, archaeological and ethnographic research and inventory survey which included hand excavated probing and deep mechanical augering.

Palomar Natural Gas Pipeline

The Natural Resources Group (NRG) contracted WillametteCRA for the Palomar Pipeline, in north-central Oregon in 2009.  The project included background research and excavation permitting, ca. 200-mile inventory survey, NRHP eligibility test excavations, ethnographic research, historic trail identification and evaluation and Tribal consultation and coordination.

Lake Roosevelt Site Summaries

We assisted BPA in conjunction with the Lake Roosevelt Mainstem and Spokane Arm Cooperating Groups, in developing a prioritized work plan that identifies future evaluation and mitigation needs at Lake Roosevelt for Section 106 compliance.  We reviewed existing literature and other pertinent records, including GIS data to create descriptions of archaeological sites, history of work at each site, their current condition and location of collected artifacts.   This information was synthesized into management recommendations for future work

The Dalles Urban Growth Boundary

We recently completed an archaeological predictive model to guide the City of The Dalles in planning a possible expansion of the city’s urban growth boundary.  The project included extensive archaeological and historic research to create the model and some limited field testing of the model.  Intensive oral histories and ethnographic research with Warm Spring Tribal elders was undertaken, to identify culturally sensitive areas within the potential UGB expansion area.  We also drafted a cultural resource management plan, the first one developed for local government in the state of Oregon.

West Butte Wind Farm

In 2010 we conducted a ca. 1,800 acre survey for the West Butte Wind Farm, east of Bend, Oregon.  We recorded a total of 34 sites and 81 isolated artifacts, mostly prehistoric.  Sites were mapped and documented and site inventory records prepared.

Damage Assessment at Site 35MU197 in Downtown Portland

Looting at an historic-era site in downtown Portland prompted the need for a damage assessment of the site to provide an initial analysis of the deposits and assess the deposits’ eligibility for listing on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).  The property’s location within the New Chinatown Japantown Historic District attracted the attention of the local Chinese-American community who expressed strong interest in the project.  WillametteCRA’s work at the site was featured in an article by Stuart Tomlinson of The Oregonian (

Archaeological Site Testing in Centralia

In 2011 we undertook test excavations at a prehistoric and historic-period archaeological site in Centralia, Washington in an area proposed for condominium development.  Our work entailed background research, a synthesis of previous archaeological work at the site, test excavations, and backhoe trenching.  NRHP eligibility recommendations were made for both the prehistoric and historic components of the site.

Ethnohistoric/ TCP/ TEK/ Oral History Projects

We have undertaken multiple ethnographic studies, including oral histories.  We have also completed several cultural plant surveys to support Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Place studies and created TCP management plans.   At Tribal request, the details of these efforts are not disseminated or discussed.  Several have been part of larger compliance projects, for example, and have included extensive archival research and working closely with Tribal staff and elders.