Compliance is intimately related to research and professional development. Our familiarity with contemporary hunter-gatherer research directions on the Columbia Plateau, Puget Sound and the Coast, and the Intermountain West, particularly in the areas of cultural complexity, land-use, mobility and resource intensification, combined with a detailed knowledge of the history of archaeological work in the region, permits us to develop contexts and research designs that go well beyond a generic level.

Our staff has on-going research efforts, most of which stem from compliance projects. Staff members routinely present at national and regional conferences. Importantly, our research goes beyond simple descriptions of sites, methods or material culture, but rather we are interested in placing sites and assemblages in broader explanatory contexts. We have a strong interest in archaeological field methods and the relationships between methods and knowledge.

WillametteCRA Principal Archaeologist David Ellis is the author of the chapter on cultural geography in Chinookan Peoples of the Lower Columbia published by the University of Washington Press. Choice, the journal of academic libraries, has selected Chinookan Peoples of the Lower Columbia as an Outstanding Academic Title of 2014. The University of Washington Press has announced that they will be publishing a paperback edition of the book given its substantial sales, especially for an academic book.

Archaeologist Bob Kopperl has authored several edited book chapters as well as peer-reviewed articles in Northwest Anthropological Research Notes, Arctic Anthropology, and PaleoAmerica. Archaeologists Daniel Gilmour, Kanani Paraso, and Paul Solimano have authored or co-authored articles in peer-reviewed academic journals, such as Quaternary Research, Hawaiian Archaeology, and the Journal of Northwest Anthropology. The references can be found below.

We regularly sponsor student internships. Recent internships in conjunction with Portland State University have focused on analysis of specific artifact categories for 35-CO-35, the Briar Site located in the Portland Basin lowlands. Another on-going internship project involves compiling quantitative data from excavated precontact archaeological sites in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington into a single, large-scale database.

WillametteCRA is committed to providing a diverse and welcoming environment for all of our staff and interns. We believe it is very important to offer employment opportunities for qualified individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, LGBTQI identity, national origin, age, or disability. Appropriate engagement with these communities can be crucial for our projects and studies.

Book and Journal Publications

Ellis, David V.
2006 Of a More Temporary Cast: Household Production at the Broken Tops SIte. In Household Archaeology on the Northwest Coast, edited by Elizabeth A. Sobel, D. Ann Trieu Gahr, and Kenneth Ames, pp.120-139. International Monographs in Prehistory, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
2013 Cultural Geography of the Lower Columbia. In Chinookan Peoples of the Lower Columbia, edited by Robert T. Boyd, Kenneth M. Ames, and Tony A. Johnson, pp.42-62. University of Washington Press, Seattle and London.

Elder, J. Tait, Daniel M. Gilmour, Virginia L. Butler, Sarah K. Campbell, and Aubrey Steingraber
2014 On the Role of Coastal Landscape Evolution in Detecting Fish Weirs: A Pacific Northwest Coast Example From Washington State. The Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology 9(1):45-71.

Gilmour, Daniel M., Virginia L. Butler, Jim E. O’Connor, Edward Byrd Davis, Brendan J. Culleton, Douglas J. Kennett, and Gregory Hodgins
2015 Chronology and Ecology of Late Pleistocene Megafauna in the Northern Willamette Valley, Oregon. Quaternary Research 83(1):127-136.

Gilmour, Daniel M., and Paul S. Solimano
2014 Modeling Precontact Land-Use in The Dalles: Site Types, Assemblage Structure, and Data Adequacy. Journal of Northwest Anthropology 48(2):123-158.

Bayman, James M., Jadelyn J. Moniz Nakamura, Timothy M. Rieth, and C. Kanani Paraso
2004 Stone Adze Production and Resource Extraction at Pohakuloa, Hawai’i Island. Hawaiian Archaeology 9:83-104.

Dixon Boyd, Tina Mangieri, Ephraim McDowell, Kanani Paraso, and Tim Reith
2006 Prehistoric Chamorro Household Activities and Refuse Disposal Patterns on the Micronesian Island of Tinian, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Micronesica 39(1):55–71.

Recent Presentations

Renae Campbell, Kanani Paraso, and Michael Daniels
Presented at the 2013 Northwest Anthropological Conference
Japanese Culture Change:  An Archaeological Perspective
Click to View: Campbell_et_al_2013_NWAC_Poster.pdf

Daniel Gilmour, Paul Solimano, Andrew Huff, Andy Pfandler, and Stacy Smith
Presented at the 2013 Northwest Anthropological Conference
Contemporary Issues with the Archaeological Record for Canids in the Pacific Northwest
Click to View: Gilmour_et_al._2013_NWAC_Poster.pdf

Andy Pfandler, Matt Goodwin, Andrew Huff, Josh Moss, Daniel Gilmour, and Paul Solimano
Presented at the 2013 Northwest Anthropological Conference
Projectile Point Distribution in Klickitat County, Washington
Click to View: Pfandler_et_al._2013_NWAC_Poster.pdf

David V. Ellis and Craig Skinner
Presented at the 2012 Society for American Archaeology Conference
Obsidian Trade in the Portland Basin
Click to View: Ellis_and_Skinner_2012_SAA_Poster.pdf

Daniel M. Gilmour and Paul S. Solimano
Presented at the 2012 Northwest Anthropological Conference
A Proposed Research Framework for the Archaeology of The Dalles
Click to View: Gilmour_and_Solimano_2012_NWAC_Abstract.pdf

Matt Goodwin
Presented at the 2012 Northwest Anthropological Conference
Interpreting Data at the Briar Site
Click to View: Matt_Goodwin_2012_NWAC_Poster.pdf

Donald Shannon
Presented at the 2012 Northwest Anthropological Conference
Mining Archival Texts for Ethnographic Data Relevant to a Section 106 Undertaking: A Primer on Ethnographic Work While Doing Background Research
Click to View: Shannon_2012_NWAC_Abstract.pdf

Paul S. Solimano, Symposium Organizer
Symposium at the 2012 Northwest Anthropological Conference
Symposium Title: An Open Discussion about Mesh Size and Other Sampling Considerations in Northwest Archaeology
Click to View: Link to Abstract Coming Soon

Paul S. Solimano
Presented at the 2012 Northwest Anthropological Conference
The Universal Use of Fine Mesh Screen: A Manifesto in Opposition
Click to View: Solimano_2012_NWAC_Abstract.pdf

Internship Posters

Michael Daniels
Presented at the 2012 Northwest Anthropological Conference
Project Point Variation at the Briar Site
Click to View: Michael_Daniels_2012_NWAC_Poster.pdf

Angela Kozlik
Presented at the 2012 Northwest Anthropological Conference
Analysis of Bone and Antler Tools from the Briar Site
Click to View: Angela_Kozlik_2012_NWAC_Poster.pdf

James Ramey
Presented at the 2014 Northwest Anthropological Conference
Mammalian Butchery at the Briar Site (35CO35)
Click to View: James Ramey 2014 NWAC Poster.pdf